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At Higgins Chair Caning, we've been caning since 2005 and have years of experience in the furniture restoration industry. From restoring chairs and benches to patio furniture to rare and unusual antiques, let us put our experience to work for you and your prized pieces. See some examples of restored chairs and furniture before & after.

Call Alice Higgins at (540) 383-2854 or email higginschaircaning@gmail.com to get started.  Estimates:  Wednesday - Saturday.  (Sunday - Tuesday:  by appointment only)

Antique furniture can be brought back to life. Cane bottom chairs are a piece of history that never goes out of style and will compliment many different decors. Higgins Chair Caning offers:

  • Handwoven and pre-woven cane

  • Rush

  • Danish Cord

  • Splint

  • Wicker restoration

Restore Grandma's old antique chair or your favorite wicker basket. Call us - you'd be surprised by what can be done with caning to restore old furniture to it's former glory.

CANE is a natural material that does not require stain or finish.  Varnish actually drastically reduces the life span on the cane due to its drying and brittle properties.  Cane comes from the bark of the rattan vine, which grows throughout the tropics.  The seven step weave makes an extremely strong seat that will last for many years.  The color darkens as it ages naturally.

PRE-WOVEN or PRESSED CANE - uses the same material as hand woven, with the exception it comes in a sheet, pre-woven in a variety of patterns of open and closed mesh.  The sheet of cane is secured to the chair by a reed recessed into a groove around the seat.  
WICKER is timeless.  It describes many different forms of woven furniture.  Many basketry techniques are involved and a number of different materials are used.  Reed is commonly used, and comes split, round, and flat.  Modern wicker (since 1920) may also contain fiber rush.  The wicker furniture incorporates fancy loops, curls, rolled arms, and many weaves and twists.  Materials and techniques used can vary tremendously, even within the same piece.  Wicker is appropriate in a number of settings.  Not only is it found on the front porch of a country home, but is also popular in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and in city apartments.  It is considered elegant, comfortable, beautiful, and stylish.  Wicker dates back to the mid 1800's and is sought after today by collectors and decorators.
Ash splint 2-over 2-under

SPLINT - Any chair or stool with a four rail seat frame can be woven with splint.  There are several patterns to choose from, as well as a number of different widths of splints.  It is a very strong and durable seat that will hold up well for many years.  Historically, a splint bottom chair was often placed near the door for putting on your boots.  They are also found on porches, as the splint makes a very comfortable seat for relaxing on lazy afternoons.  
New England Porch Weave - This weave is less common than rush or splint, but is  very durable and extremely comfortable as well as attractive.  A flat / oval reed is used, giving it a three dimensional effect.  It is often woven on the back and the seat of old large porch rockers.  Originating on the east coast, this weave is found on many porches. 

RUSH seats are woven on a four rail seat frame.  These seats date back to 12th century Europe, originating in churches and country homes due to their simplicity.  Designs were simple, the materials basic, and required only a few tools.  The seats could be constructed in a timely fashion, and made an extremely durable seat.  Today, the most common material used is fiber rush, a tightly twisted paper fiber woven around the four rails.  Rush fits in with many decorating styles, and is durable enough for the kids!

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